Dear Future Dad

Dear future dad,

By the time you read this,you would have breached major obstacles in your life. You probably have a happy married life. And as per the generic norm ,you prayed your heart out for a child daughter. And while you’re all preparing for this lovely thing called fatherhood,kindly walk a different path,a righteous one.

While you’re about to shower fatherly love,you mustn’t bound it with  the decade old jurisdiction which prevailed a century before that.

Don’t feed your ‘angel’ sexism in the name of love. Feed her courage,feed her strength,feed her the wisdom that a generic father feeds  to his warrior lad . Tell her that she can very well  be the beauty and the beast. Tell her that waiting for charming bloke in the golden carriage is one thing that an independent human doesn’t dream of. 

And while she grows her way out of the patriarchal society,you tell her that she can go and rock that 360 turn on the pitch. You have your Fifa battles with her while she beats you amidst all the dad affection.

You tell her about the legends of your time that how the country of 1.2 billion people cheered for an olympic gold which was all rested on a majestic woman. How it were only those 4 women who inspired hope for medals. You better proudly tell her about India’s greatest boxer of all time,the magnificent Mary.

Don’t let her believe that she can’t be a geek just because she can’t see any geek to look upto. Enlighten her about the world’s first programmer and also about the person whose code landed humans on moon. 

Develope her into a color blind human who knows no skin privilege. Tell her about the wrongs of our forefathers; their unbendable ignorance.
Tell her to vibe with beautiful souls rather than ugly armours. Tell her that attachment is a thing of beauty,a cherishable experience which can’t be compromised with caste,colour,creed and religion.

And most importantly,you be her ultimate escape from sorrows,the one she shares coarse time with. 

You be the dude to her dad.

Precisely,briefly requested.



9 thoughts on “Dear Future Dad”

    1. You have no idea how comments like these broaden my smile by a million inches. Thank you for the appraisal!

      Glad to connect with you too. Would love to read your thoughts.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. “Don’t feed your ‘angel’ sexism in the name of love. Feed her courage,feed her strength,feed her the wisdom that a generic father feeds  to his warrior lad . ” I was trapped in your words right at this line, and it was such an amazing post.
    I loved your deep thoughts and wonderful views. Really well written!

    Liked by 2 people

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