His screams

His screams

Amplifying the magnitude of chaos

Dwells into sorrows

Bewildering the vocal masters

All thunderstruck,all numb

His screams

Devouring his lungs

Sends shivers to a billion spines

Causing catastrophic desire

Quenching the parched souls

His screams

Weaving roars of uprising

Chides the wall of resurgence

Spanning umatched rhythms

Instigating rush in nerves

His screams

Looping in the hinged minds

Reverberates in the shattered hearts

Transcending limited emotions,

Discovering the  buried flames

His screams

Cultivating teenage playlist

Immortalises the “Chaz” legend

Amidst all legends

Unresting in the memoirs,written in chords.

Roar in paradise,legend!


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