Chaos and Internet.

Political Ideology is just like an actor you worship blindly.Just like that same ignorant prick you have worshipped all your life, who has successfully screwed you to the point where your nonsensical brain can’t identify with reason and contemplation.

You’re just not willing to see the bad side of it. You are hell bent on defending its preposterous existence at any cost while you transform into a delusional troll. You are armed with nostaligia and few good things it offers. You spend nights feeding bullshit to people, thus proving loyalty to it. You consider yourself as a valuable member of its virtual dynasty so you contribute enough for the fandom which is much needed for its perpetual growth.

You preach it in the first place because 4 out of 5 people around you did the same. Peer goddamn pressure had you and your will to look beyond for the answers is dead now.

Now,it is unwilling to change or adapt to change with time. But you have come way too far to let it go. You will still pay for its worthlessness and while you’re at it,you encourage people to do the same. You have become a consummate guardian who has mastered the art of derailing the issue. The debatelord in the virtual arena,the living have all the titles.

Look around you for once.

It’s not beautiful.

This world of ours is tearing apart and there is no more unity in diversity. The simple human ability of listening is getting obsolute. Billions are controlled by hundreds who rule over the chaos they create. And you,my friend, have contributed to it as much as any one else. Chaos doesn’t work like they portray it. There is no single prime contributer, everyone is. Isn’t the everyday tension sickening? Who are you smashing or defending exactly? And how do you differentiate between loyalty and righteousness? Of what use are your principles,if they made you both the prime offender and the victim in the end?

Nothing is absolute,nothing is perfectly white or black. The world isn’t divided into two major categories,it is the set of many things and each entity contributes to the balance. The concept of good/bad doesn’t work according to your rulebook of ideology,which has time and again brainwashed you.

Creating something out of nothing is exactly what chaos sounds like.Listen to it, listen to the voices and if you reach profound depths…one of them might as well be yours.

The mind palace is all yours!


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