Control is an illusion

I will tell you all about it.Everything.

The basic analogy is related to the formulation of a dream. You don’t remember the starting point;there is none. You’re always in the middle of every dream you’re dreaming. The build up is heavily dependent on the context of scenarios you propagate daily. The voices in my head are real people;atleast to me.The characters resting in my notes folder are real people.

I will tell you how we meet.

I know it because I wrote it

Humans; too many of them to bear with. With a little fidget enters anxiety. And with the crippling anxiety surmounting as the time passes by,you develop traits..some of them you never wished for. Things aren’t easy if you’re in the constant state of paranoia; trust never comes easy to you. But you have to live. You have to let go of that routine you’re holding on to ,every night. You have to find a way to crack the routine which involves swallowing pills at unfathomable rates. Like,I said,you develop traits;out of extreme exasperation. A call for help is made. Too bad,the receiver is you. It isn’t a gift, it’s the never ending disease whose sole purpose is to entertain the existence of this human form.

I will tell you how I meet them.

I know them because I wrote them.

I lack substance, volume and visibility which a naked eye can percieve. Me ,him and all of them are clever enough to sync. Clever enough to pour in the substance this world craves. Clever enough to morph our squares into cube and thus have the irreversible volume.

I will tell you all about it. Everything.

You are in Malviya Nagar metro Station. You see faces you have never seen in your life but somehow you get this uneasy feeling of Déjà vu. It takes 3 minutes for a truly messed up but highly functional brain to join the dots and do a background research. So I switch off. I wake up at Hauz Khas. All set with my version of story; adulterated one. I was always good with imagination. I don’t like that overly extroverted guy who is going to approach me soon and ask me about my opinion on DUSU election. I had already assumed him as a glib brainwasher.

This is how I meet him.

I know him because I wrote him.

With little imagination you can escape reality.

With enough imagination you can control time and space.

So I switch off.

I log back in at Green Park and I see a bunch of wannabe edgelords going berserk. The alpha class in the world of betas and thetas. The bully mongers. The loud unsophisticated crew of generic maggots trying their best to gather attention. The not so artsy classy guys. You see them and you see everything you want to be. This can very well be their escape. Afterall,masculinity lost its virtue way back when the great wars were over. We are the generation of mental patients fighting our own wars and this metro route is their war zone for time being.

This is how I meet them.

I know them because I wrote them.

So I smile.

So I switch off.

Everything is so yellow in the metro. The lights, the pale faces of people,the screens they are tapping their fingers on.. Everything.

So I switch off.

Doors opened on the left this time. Central Secretariot,it is. An urge awakes too. An urge to get rid of monotonicity. So you go out and you walk. And you walk..and you just walk till you’re in the visibility range of Amar Jawan Jyoti. You walk back. All of this to get tired and finally sleep. You breathe a sigh of relief as your eyes are shutting slowly. Things are still yellow but tolerable.

So you switch off; involuntarily this time.

This is how I meet myself.

You wake up at Malviya Nagar.

Error 404 : Déjà vu.


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